Thursday, October 30, 2008

That didn't take long

I am finally ready to write (type) it down. I am pregnant. I found out 1month and 1day after our wedding (Tuesday October 14). We were not trying but I wasn't my usual catious self. I ended up going to the doctor to make sure what I thought was a cold wasn't something more serious. Well, it was just a cold, but I also found out that there is the organism forming inside of me.

I had to wait all day to tell Jon. And after I did tell him, and a few big deep breathes. He FAINTED.

We have been slightly emotional dealing with unbelievable insurance problems (more like misses or mistakes)

Well, that makes me around 7 weeks, and I can't imagine 7-8 more months. I have been trying to stay calm, not let any stress in my life, get a lot of sleep, not think about all the things that could go wrong.

I only have had morning sickness once. And that was at night after I took my prenatal without any food. Otherwise, I am just now seeming to be really tired. And my stomach def. feels different. Like I can't eat, but need to eat, or don't want to eat, or I am starving. But I will take that over throwing up and nausua anyday.

Everyone is excited for us. I always thought I would want to find out the sex till the baby was delivered. But I already feel like I want to know. So, we will probably find out.

With my first marriage we discussed having kids, and because my ex had only boys in the family I desperately wanted a girl. To the point I may have been depressed if I had a boy.

Well now, I would be happy with either (almost prefer a boy) I just want "it" to be perfect.

I know Jon will make an awesome Daddy, and can't wait to see him in action.

more to come I am sure.