Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I never thought I would be in love so soon after getting a divorce let alone being engaged. But I am happier than I have ever been. And surprisingly not scared at all. In the beginning I was a little worried that it was too soon. But now the fear is now replaced by the antsy anticipation. (like a kid waiting for Christmas in July). It's funny because I loved him after a week and a half. And held myself back from proposing myself after only a month and a half. The funny part was while I was telling myself in my head not to ask him to marry me the very next second he asked me to marry him. (yes, he was intoxicated- but like I have always said your true feelings come out while under the influence. And I thought it a big coincidence that we both had the same feelings at the same time)

So we knew we were going to get married and the day it would be and even where it would be before we were even engaged.

And it worked out perfect because he actually proposed where we are going to get married. Centennial Park. I was completely surprised, which has always been my dream that I thought would never be possible.

My ring is amazing and often find myself staring at the sparkle it leaves behind.

The wedding plans are going smoothly and my determination to keep it nice, simple, inexpensive and stress-free is currently on track. I am determined not to let it get out of hand. The most important thing for me is to have a wonderful day marrying the one I love. I don't care how nice the table cloths (i am sorry "linens") are, or who sits next to who.

It feels like it is going fast but I still feel like it is forever away, when truely its only 5 months.

While I don't hope for rain, I would still be just as happy if it happened to rain, because I am so confident and happy with this choice in I know I can make a rainbow out of a raincloud

Me = Adorkable

So, I thought I would try the whole blogging thing. While thinking about what I could say about my past, I think its better just to start fresh and not look back. So I think I'll make this blog all about when my life started as "adorkable".

So I came up with the name "adorkable" for myself not even a year ago. It sprung from the fact that I have always concidered myself rather dork-like and that I have in the recent years finally seen myself as adorable. So alive came "adorkable". Little did I know that being adorkable would lead me to the start of a new life with the love of my life.

It was simple actually. On myspace I had named myself "Adorkable" for everyone to see and while it got some attention, it lead me to my current fiance' Jon. The rest is history.

I am going to focus this blog to all the memories, experiences and adventures that have and will occur just because of the simple word: Adorkable