Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Belly Shots

Along with maternity shots, Amanda also took some more artistic photos focused on the belly. These are my favorites. Tell me what you think.

Maternity Photos at Cannonsburg

So, here are some of the photos my bestest took of me and my hubby. I picked some of my favorites. Tell me what you think.

Getting Close

So, I had my 37 week appointment today and they did the strep B test. I will get my results next week. I go every week from now on. My blood pressure is in the "wonderful" range. And the midwife says he is an average size. She predicts he won't be anymore than 8lbs. I have a hard time believing her, because I was such a big baby, but I am hoping she is right. He is head down. And he likes sticking his little butt out. They asked if I wanted them to check me. I said I don't think it's needed but WTH "it will give me a taste of what the future will hold" They did the exam and asked if it hurt. I said not really. And she was like, "you are just easy going aren't you?" I said pretty much but it was nice to hear. Hopefully I am in the right mind set and the labor will go a little easier than if I were all stressed out.

But anyways I was right. The cervix is nice a tight! I predict he will be at least a week late. Everything else is just great.

So, the main midwife I was seeing is leaving at the end of June, so I got transfered to a new midwife. I really like her. I saw her for the first time 2 weeks ago, and she remembered me this time. I saw one of the nurses and I can't remember if the second or the third meeting she introduced herself like it was the first time I had met her. And the new midwife even remembered that I think I am allergic to pnecillian. She is very nice and answers all my questions and doesn't make me feel like a retard by asking them. She is a petite woman with small hands but has a strong hand shake. Which I am sure some people wouldn't even notice. But I remember learning in college how a handshake makes all the difference, so I always try to have a good handshake and pay attention to others.

Oh, I started off at 170lbs and today I weighed at 209lbs. While I am sure most women freak out about 39lbs (plus at the end of this). But I am not worried about (yet). I am actually feeling pretty good. I think I look pretty great (minus the ugly stretch marks). And I have gotten a lot of comments of how nice I look pregnant and really not that big. (I mean I am big, but not big big.)

I want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone's nice comments. It really has meant a lot!

Memorial Day Weekend

What a weekend. It was smushed full of activities. I can't believe I am still walking.

It started Friday, where I helped Amanda get organized for our garage sale on Saturday. It went well. But BOY did she have a LOT of clothes. The bags kept coming and coming, I didn't think it would ever end. And after that Amanda took some artistic belly shots. Photos coming soon. After I left there I went to Old Time Pottery to pick up 2 winner and loser gifts for the BUNCO game I was to hold the next day. I got these funky vases with 2 flowers each. I think the rest of the day was restful.

I didn't sleep well that night. And was up around 4am. Headed to the garage sale at 6am and stayed till after 1pm. Jon came to help around 9. We did pretty well for having most of our stuff be less than $1. I scored $150.00. Whooo hooo. After the sale I had to come home and clean my house and made some yummy puppy chow to prepare for a BUNCO game. A good amount of people made it and the game was great. I didn't get to bed till after 1am. And again didn't sleep well.

But luckily it wasn't because of being uncomfortable or had anything to do with the baby. It was just one of those can't sleep well nights. Like being to too tired.

So, Sunday Jon and I went to the movies for a matinées. He was very excited, because I never like spending money to go to the movies. He even splurged and got popcorn and a drink. Personally the popcorn really wasn't that good. The kind I sneak in is much better. After that we went to Target where I attempted to find a nursing bra. But since I am retarded I couldn't find one that fit. (guess it would help if I knew the size or the way to figure out the size). Jon cooked some YUMMY hamburgers for dinner. After dinner we started watching "Benjamin Button" but stopped watching after an hour due to boredom.

So, Monday I was planning on resting all day. But we ended up spending the day driving. An activity that my husband really enjoys. We stopped by the Lebanon outlet mall. Which was stupid because the only thing they have is clothes. And since I am huge and don't know what size I will be after Owen is born there is no reason to even look at clothes. So, then we drove some more towards Bowling Green. But the hubby got distracted and missed the turn and didn't realize it for like 30 miles. We ended up making our way back to Bowling Green and went to the mall. There I went to the Motherhood Maternity store where I actually had some one size me. The bra I had on which I had before I got pregnant and fits just fine tag says 38A. I have always been a small girl. And yes they have gotten a little bigger. Well, the lady at the store told me a 36D. Holey Moley. And that size fit. So, I really don't understand why my old bra that says 38A fits and the new one says 36D and fits. Yes, the first bra could have been labeled wrong, but I know I was not that big. Oh well I'll take it while it lasts.

So, that's it. A filled weekend that ended me being tired, swollen and with some sun. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I like staying busy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And Another Painting

I painted this from a photo I took from a trip I took to Gulf Shores back in 2007.

Original Photo


8.5" x 11" $15.00

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Shower #2

Well my second baby shower was awesome. And I knew it would be.

Fun Games
Good food
Great Gifts

But most of all Fabulous People.

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures

Curly Girls

Cloth diapers. Hope it goes well so I can prove my husband wrong

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Painting

Summer Tree:

8.5" x 11 $15.00

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 new paintings

Took me awhile to finally finish them. But they are done. Anyone want them? I don't need them here.

Piano: 11"x 17" $15.00

Autumn Tree: 8.5" 11" $15.00

Like I said...

things happen for a reason. And more about why its a great thing I am no longer working at my previous job came out yesterday. In the past 4 days I met with the two people that weren't able to make my shower. And both of them were furniture sales reps that I assisted and was very close with. One just recently quit A-Z and I think the other is not far behind.

Without going into detail (since too much would have to be said and it still wouldn't be understood). Basically the power that be have continued to lie to everyone in my former department. My boss has also been demoted (which I knew) and he had to sign another non compete, and he signed it (STUPID).

so, that office is extremely stressful and if they would have cut my pay and let me stay. I don't think they would have ever laid me off (or it would have been much much later) and I would not have only been pregnant but would've had to deal with all that stress. And getting up in the morning would have been miserable. Working would've been miserable. The days would've been never ending. So, slow it would probably only be March, instead of May. I wouldn't have gotten the better insurance, I would've probably ended up quiting. Which means I wouldn't be on unemployment. And I wouldn't have had maternity leave.

And I hear that the reputation is definitely being affected.

So, I will say it again just as I did right before my boss told me of my laid off. "Everything happens for a reason, I will be fine"

I am sure there will be more in the future to show me even more how good it is to have been laid off.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

So, tonight I actually suggested going out to eat. My husband was shocked. And not only that I suggested Mexican, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Yeah, great celebration when I can't even drink. So, we went on our way, and drove by numerous places that were just packed. (duh!!! its CINCO DE MAYO). We drove all around town and eventually made a huge circle and ended where we started.

So, we had to wait for about 20 minutes. But at the end of the wait this country (drunk) woman came in and gave us and everyone else some good laughs. We eventually got sat and it did take forever to get service.

But Jon and I had a conversation that was small in nature but was very special to me.

I don't know how it started. But Jon began talking about his ex (yes you are probably thinking how can a conversation started about an ex turn into a conversation that is special to you). He then talked about her daughter and how the relationship turned was more about the child than the ex. And then he said well you know how that is. Referring to Ben.

Pretty close to this time last year I had to make the hardest decision about stepping out of Ben's life. Because it was too stressful for everyone and all the stress just made me angry when I was with Ben and I didn't want Ben to remember me in that way. And I just knew it would never be ok, because I would never have any rights and it would always be a fight. Well, the past year has been very difficult for me. Getting married without Ben. Halloween, Thanksgiving, his birthday and especially Christmas were especially difficult. While Jon was as supportive as he can be, it was something that I felt that he just didn't understand. So, I wouldn't talk to him about how I was feeling.

But he asked me this night if I felt like I made the right decision. I told him that I think it was the right thing to do but I still miss him and still hope that someday somehow I would be able to see him. But that I didn't feel that that was something that could happen anytime soon. I wanted to make sure his life and his dad's life is settled.

That is about all that the conversation consisted of but Jon did seem to care and understand, which I know which is something he should and not saying he never did. I just was always afraid he didn't.

I will always love you Ben.