Friday, September 19, 2008

He married me...

Well, we did it.

And the wedding was Beautiful. The only thing I would have changed was to have it 30 mins to an hour earlier because we ran out of day light.

We got hitched on the white sands of Grayton Beach. And it turned out perfect. I had to worry for 2 weeks about Hurricane Gustav, Hannah and Ike. But they all missed the area and it didn't rain once during our stay there. My dad ended up coming and walked me down the aisle. I rememeber walking down the boardwalk and smiling down at Jon, and telling myself to look down to make sure not to trip.

The officiant was very good but I was so wrapped up in the moment I don't remember much of what he said. I just kept looking at Jon, looking around at the beautiful scenery and thinking I can't believe it's here and it's perfect.

The months leading up to the wedding were emotional due to family issues, the weeks leading were stressful due to the unknowing weather, the days leading were fun and slightly drama filled, the hours leading were relaxed and slightly blank. While I was slightly concerned because I didn't feel all that excited, I knew it was probably because for 9 months I was an emotional wreck and knew it was almost over. My lack of excitement was eased by the fact that I was in no way nervous and did not have one ounce of doubt in my whole body. The few moments before walking up to my husband to be I was elated and filled with love.

During the ceremony I was anxious for that first kiss but taking in the beauty and trying to capture as much of the surroundings and going ons for my archieves . This really has been an up and down roller coaster for me for at least 6 months, but the day turned out better than I could have ever imagined and I would go through it all over again to have such a breath-taking experience.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"White" Sand & "White Trash"

Well there was some drama on our wedding weekend, which is pretty much ok with me because it gives us stories and memories. Well the Thursday before we found out that Jon’s sister (Brittney) decided she was going to skip her classes on Monday so she could go to the wedding but had to go to a class on Thursday morning, well her mom wouldn’t wait for 2 hours for her to get out of class, so Brittney couldn’t go. That was a bummer to me.

Then Friday after Amanda and Julie (Amanda's mom) got there. We decided that we would make pizza because it would be cheaper on everyone (not wanting to go out to eat every night) Well Jon’s mom didn’t want to eat pizza, she wanted to go out to eat because this trip was her “Vacation”. So that made Jon upset, and also we decided to have a BBQ for the reception and ask his mom if we could have it at her place because the pool was nicer and they had grills next to the beach. Well when Amanda and her mom got there and while we were upstairs she said “Im not having all these people at my place” (real snotty, found out later that the realtors don’t allow parties, but that is all she had to say, and not be so bitchy about it.)

Then Don and Becky (the drunk) got there, we had pizza and everything was fine, everyone was talking with everyone. We decided after pizza to go to a dance club/bar with everyone and Amanda had bought a few bacholorette party games. We did some of them, but really wasn’t focused on it since Jon and Don were there and we really didn't think of it as a bacholorette party. Me and Amanda were just having fun with everyone. Well Becky was all about the game, and was getting all these guys to come up to me to tell them “they were a hottie” and so fourth (its part of the game) She was trying to help but she was going over board. And she was all over the bar talking to everyone, while everyone else just stayed together.

Well we ended up leaving and Amanda was the Designated Driver, and Don was in the back being obnoxious and Amanda told him to “Shut the F*** up” because she was trying to drive. Well once we got home and me and Amanda were upstairs, while Drunk Becky was talking about Amanda how “how dare she talk about Don that way to her "BF" (who she tells everyone is her fiance’) that was flirting with other woman at the bar) and Jon had to talk her down off her drunken stupper.

Saturday morning. Jon went golfing with Don (and Becky) and I went around with Amanda and her mom shopping and looking at beaches for the wedding. And Jon’s mom left his grandparents at the condo while she went shopping.

So, then the wedding, which was perfect. I didn’t hear much of what the officiant said. Just kept looking at Jon and the ocean and breathing. Being thankful it was over. Everyone was talking pictures. So everyone was standing around while we were taking pictures. Everyone knew we were having hamburgers and hot dogs at our place. As we are leaving we let everyone know we were on our way to the house (including Don and Becky). We get to the house, and realize that we need cheese and a few other side dishes because we only had chips. Jon’s family gets there, and he asks his mom to drive him to a store 2 mins away. You can tell by the way she acted she was pissed. He talked to her on the way back and he said she thought I was “different and that he made a mistake getting married”. Then they get back and he starts cooking and Don (the best man) and Becky are no where to be found.

Jon’s mom and grandparents sat outside the whole time, and I invited them in multiple times. Don and Becky finally come around after the grilling is over and we found out they went out to eat seafood supposidely because Becky had burgers at lunch that made her sick.
So, we cut the cake, and that was great and then everyone was saying it was time for the best man speech. Well, Don’s kind of country and didn’t realize he had to give one, and he was drunk. So he was really trying to just tell a story. So, other people had to fill in. One of which was a friend of mines date, that we had just met! After the toast his mom left with the grandparents. They didn’t see our first dance or watch us just being our crazy self with great pictures.

My dad stayed outside with Jon while he grilled. And dad and Betty (my dad's Girlfriend)sat there the entire time. They saw everything, we asked them if they needed anything, and they didn’t. They didn’t need to be babysat (like I felt other people needed too), they just sat there and you could tell they enjoyed watching us have fun. Amanda and her mom worked their asses off. They put stuff out, cut the cake, cleaned up, because they didn’t want me to have to do anything on my wedding night.

So, Me and Jon were NOT happy with Becky or Don after that. When we got up the next morning, Don and Becky were gone, along with Dad and Betty. So the 4 of us stayed in and played Wii. And we were about to go over to the mother in laws condo to the beach, when Don and Becky came back. And our first reaction was to invite them. But we didn’t because of the night before. We went to the lunch (and the waiter told us about this “shell island, where you could get as many shells as you want and you can go snorkeling and swim with the dolphins), after lunch we went to the beach and were able to get in the water, and we had a GREAT TIME. We then went into the pool and then decided to go to shell island. Well one thing after another we get to the area and find out that the last trip out was at 1pm. And it was 4pm. So we felt bad because we had everyone drive (in laws and Don and Becky) about an hour and we couldn’t do it.

Well in laws and Don and Becky wanted to go to this popular bar/restaurant to have dinner, and we weren’t ready so we went shopping and met up with them later. Well when we got there, they had decided not to eat there and that they were going to a sea food place. So we were pretty fed up with them and weren’t about to follow them around. So we told them that we were going to a resturaunt called margaritaville and they could come if they wanted, but we knew they wouldn’t. And Becky wanted to stay with his family. And of course his bitchy mom didn’t want them to. So she basically called Jon rude for leaving his friends with her and that she didn’t raise him to be that way.

We had a great time at margaritaville. Got back to the house where Don and Becky were already drinking. And we were about to head to the beach to go looking for crabs (with Amanda and her mom). Well Jon was outside talking to Don and Becky and I come outside and Becky said “we should go to “pondoras they have hula hoop we had a great time there yesterday” I looked at her and said “oh so you went there last night” She said “yeah we had a great time, we all should go” and looked at her with the meaness look on my face and said “I don’t think so, I can halo hoop at home” Jon looked at me and asked me to come inside to talk to him, I told him “no, that I was not his mother and I will stand right there until we were ready to go” So, we left and I was pretty upset, at the fact that Jon had to cook entirely and couldn’t be spending time with me at our reception because they were out eating and hula hoping.

So we had a good time there, and came back and asked how it went and I said it was great and “we caught crabs” it was a little mean but the same funny/sarcasism that I would say at any time.

So Me and Amanda “fell asleep on the couch” and Amanda’s mom was talking to Becky, and Becky was complaining how she doesn’t get any child support from her babies daddy (which is BS because she doesn’t work and is living off her Child support) and I got up because I finally thought this is the day after my wedding I am not going to listen to this on my wedding, and went and got Jon.

Well a long night later, come to find out that Becky is pissed because noone told Don he was supposed to give a best man speech, pissed because she wasn’t asked to be in any of the wedding pictures, how the bacholorette party was crappy and the reception wasn't planned well, then she was calling me and Amanda young and nieve and we would grow out of it sometime. And how I go over to her house and don’t talk to her and how I need to learn to communicate. And Julie (Amanda mom) told her that I don’t let just anyone in my life. There were a lot of other things said. Julie kept telling her that this isn’t the “becky show”.

Then to come to find out, Don and Becky got in a fight and Don slammed the door breaking the latch of the door and one of the slats on the blinds. We basically told them, that Monday was our day and we would be alone. They ended up leaving Monday.

Then we get home and Jon writes his mom an email, telling her how he feels. It wasn’t mean. Just that he wishes she had spent more time with us and been more socialable, and wishes she could’ve at least lied to him about how she felt about him getting married, and how we were going to spend the day with Amanda and her mom because they worked really hard the night before and that he had spent time with the others the day before and didn’t wish to be around them that day because of the reception. And we weren’t pawning them off on her.

Well she calls yelling at him “why he emailed her on her work email” and no one asked her to do anything, and no one introduced her to my dad (they didn’t see each other until the wedding), and telling him not to worry about her to worry about his new wife. And yelling and yelling and yelling. I told him to stop putting himself through that and get off the phone with her because she obviously doesn’t give a shit. Which made her mad and he told her how its always about her, her way or no way. And she began to throw it in his face that she kept him and she could’ve given him up for adoption and how she gave her life up for him and how she bailed him out of jail. And it was basically left right now as take your wife and you don’t have a mother, for right now.

So, that’s that. We obviously shouldn’t have invited anyone. But really we had a great time. Nothing that happened while we were gone would’ve been anything that we would’ve held a grudge for very long. But I feel we had a right to be upset. And I think the way the mother in law talked to my husband and made him was totally unexceptable and as one co-workers perfectly said "she should have her parent card taken away."

But I'm married and its over! :)