Monday, January 19, 2009


There as so many rules and No No's when pregnant.
No deli meat
Not too much Tuna
No Smoking
No drugs (damnit!) (just kidding)
No drinking (double damnit) (that damnit is legit)
No caffeine
No runny eggs
No laying on your back after 18 weeks
Take your prenatals
Don't sit too long
Don't stand too long
Paint in a ventilated room
Drink Water
Drink Water
Keep a distance from Kitty Litter
No hot baths.

The hardest one for me is No Crossing Your Legs.
Crossing Legs= Varicose Veins=Not Pretty

I catch myself doing it all the time!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My baby's first day

I am so proud of my boy.

This is him on his way to his first day of school.

This was a last minute picture, I'll get more when my baby gets home.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The past week without a job

Its been interesting. I have tried to stay busy. I have had 2 meetings since the 2nd. The first was for a sales/customer rep for a flower shop. The interviewee told me how sh had had 80 responses to her craigslist response. I talked to her today and she informed me she had narrowed it down to 3. And that she would like the 3 of us to come in at seperate times for 4 hour block. To try it out to see who is the best fit. Which is crazy to me because I have been on a lot f customer service interviews and that has never occured. But that is how the economy is making it. They can be super choosy. So, of course I will have to do it. And I am sure it will be fine. It's kind of cool that out of 80, I am one of the 3 best.

I had a meeting today with a furniture dealership. Just to learn about the company and for the manager to figure out who I was. They have large bids out right now and are getting to know the possiblities of future employers before they get over their heads. I felt ok about that interview. Just wish I had learned even more at my previous job.

I have stayed positive through most of this. But with my pay check we were living pay check to pay check. If I don't find a job, we will be a couple hunderejd short each week. That's stressful for anyone who has lost their job. I am finding it even more stressful, because it feels like I am having to sacrifice on what is healthy and not so much for me, while I am trying to grow our little one.

I will continue to be as strong as I can be. I'll be damned if I will let what some good ole' country boys (out for themselves) did to me, get me down.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

part of the huge 7%

So the unemployment rate is somewhere at 7% in TN. That sounds so small, but when there are probably 200,000+ people unemployed, that seems like a huge number. Well, I am part of that 7% now. I had been telling people for months that I felt like it would be soon, and I had this feeling that I would be let go and the newly hired on intern would get to stay. The people I told, said that that would never happen. Well, they were Wrong.

Well she gets to stay and I got let go (because I make more money) And I told them yes, but I am pregnant and know a lot more, and why don't you let me know this and say I am sorry we need to cut your pay, then letting a 4 month pregnant girl go find a job in this economy?. I would rather get paid less than nothing.

They didn't think of that and they wanted me to stay on another week to pass on all my knowledge to everyone else and my cheap "Mexican" replacement and get paid for 4 weeks.

I told them I had a problem with that. It was then brought to me that I didn't have to train her for the following week (because they must have realized I would never do that). So they just gave me my 4 weeks severance.

They say it had nothing to do with me being pregnant. But here is a scenario and you tell me what you think.

The interns time was supposed to be over in the beginning of November. Well around Halloween my boss emailed me to ask what all the intern could do because he was going to go to the owner to try and get her to stay on. I told him and a few days later I asked what the owner had said. He basically said that the owner told him he was crazy because they had lost so much money. The next day (a few days) he came to me and asked when my maternity leave was. I reminded him that this great company of ours doesn't give maternity leave, but my due date was June 18. I asked him "you know I am planning on coming back" and he said yes. The next day the intern was hired on permanent. That was in the beginning of November. And January 2nd I am let go. What a cowinky dink!

I am being positive, but at the same time I am pissed. I would've been fine to be let go because of the economy, but the way they did it and me was wrong. So FUCK them. Karma always comes around. And I will help Karma find its way.

I usually wouldn't do something like this, but being professional got me a great paying job and led me to tell them I was pregnant as soon as I found out. So maybe if I wasn't so good I would still have my job.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bringing Color into the New Year

So, this year to celebrate the New Year, I laid on the couch because staying awake while pregnant till midnight is a challenge in itself, while my husband got this urge to paint our living room. I figured he would just paint around the trim and that I would have to help do both the first and second coats the next morning. Well, he stayed up till 2am. To finish the first coat. So luckily I only had to help finish the 2nd coat. The room is so big you couldn't even smell the fumes.

I love love love the color. And can't wait till I can afford to put a few other things on the wall.
It is definitely starting to feel like home.